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facility management solution.

Grow your business and expand your network with EtrainX!

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Manage availability and bookings through online calendar.

Instant electronic payments and bookings

Rent out specific areas, spaces, zones, or machines

Manage memberships with auto-renew capabilities

Centralized way to advertise services to bring in new business.

Enhanced website with online booking, calendar, reviews and more.

Countless Benefits - no additional costs.

No costs of usage.
No upfront, monthly, or yearly fees.
Instant payments to you via PayPal.

All bookings through EtrainX 100% guaranteed.
All trainers are 100% insured through EtrainX activity.

Free self directed marketing and social tools.
Free listing in EtrainX directory.
Reach new clubs, league, trainers and athletes.

Once you're signed up as an EtrainX Facility, you can take advantage of these awesome features...

Create Your Online Profile

Enhance your online presence in a few clicks!

List Your Spaces

Add each individual space or zone for use

Set Up Your Calendar

Create recurring classes, open dates and more

How EtrainX works for Facilities

Online Memberships

Sign up for FREE at

Create your league, team or event.

People register through EtrainX. You get paid instantly via PayPal.

You're done. Now sit back and manage through EtrainX.

Online Booking Through EtrainX Exchange(Renting Out Your Space)

Sign up for FREE at

List your space in your profile (size, requirements, cost, etc.)

Set your availability for those spaces.

You’re done. You go train and gain a new client.

Monetize Your Downtime and Increase Revenue

Set specific spaces or zones to rent out. Set your availability based on booking and price.

Unused spaces can be booked online according to your set availability.

Increase Your Facility's Presence Online With A FREE Professional Website

Differentiate your facility among the crowd with an enhanced professional webpage. Accept booking and payments online through your calendar, and easily share content to social media and more

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Reach new customers at no costs to you!

By joining the EtrainX Network, organizations, teams, athletes, and facilities can now discover you, and grow your client base.

If you are looking for ways to gain new customers, the EtrainX Network will be the easiest and most cost effective way to do so.

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EtrainX is the complete technology platform that connects:

EtrainX is the complete virtual technology platform that connects: