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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EtrainX work? EtrainX is an online platform designed to match trainers and athletes by sport, skill, location or budget. The platform was created to improve the relationship of trainers and athletes through an interactive online experience. It offers robust profile creating tool and direct marketing opportunities for Athletes to Colleges, Clubs to Players, and Trainers and Facilities to Clients.


How do I book a trainer or facility? It's Simple!! Find a Trainer or Class and Book Now!. If you have a customized need you can Post a Session on the Exchange and see if a trainer can satisfy those requests.

How long does it take a trainer to respond to me? Trainer responses will vary depending on their time allotment to managing requests. EtrainX recommends responses be same day for best results.

How do I give a trainer or facility a review? Reviews are all Post Transactional. After you complete a lesson with a trainer or a class, you can provide a review in the Activity tab for the specified lesson.

My trainer is not on EtrainX, how do I get them on? The easiest way is to send them an invite on our home page to visit the site and they can sign up.

How do I Message a Trainer or Facility? Messages are all Post Transactional. After any type of booking you can message trainer, club or facility through Activity Tab.


How do I advertise for athletes in need of trainers? Trainers can promote their business by posting their profile on the mainstream social media sites for additional visibility and also text message profiles through our mobile sites on their devices.

How do I add a Category or Sport? EtrainX carefully considers additional categories to be included on the platform. We recognize there are multiple activities that the platform can support but want it to cater to a specific need it was intended for. Please send an email to to request additional sport categories.

Are there other ways for a trainer to get payments credited other than PayPal? PayPal is the primary means by which a trainer or facility receives funds and an Athlete or Club can process transactions via Paypal or Credit Card.

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EtrainX is the complete virtual technology platform that connects: