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Refund Policy

EtrainX Provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for All Completed Classes, Bookings & Sessions. Additional Refunds are Subject to Below Policies & Conditions:


  • EtrainX refund policy stipulates that a 100% refund will be granted if a direct calendar booking is cancelled by athlete or trainer 48 hours from scheduled time.
  • Class Group Bookings over $50 are non-refundable and are at the discretion of Trainer.
  • Trainers/Facilities unable to complete a class for any reason that was paid for by Athlete or Club are completely responsible for reimbursement to EtrainX, the Athlete or the Club that paid for the transaction.
  • Weather related cancellations will either receive a credit or refund depending on rescheduling capabilities.
  • All other cancellations for any reason are non-refundable unless granted at the discretion of each individual trainer.

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