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Have a great warmup! An unbelievable week of practice! You are ready to go, you are going to win this one. Uh Oh! Game time is here and the results don’t match up to practice or warmups. What happened? Game performance has many variables. Pressure is different, Adrenaline is flowing, competitors and coaches you are up against are making in game adjustments. How do you obtain an accurate perspective and insight into what went wrong? Often times, Athlete and parents verbally try to explain to their instructors what happened and what went wrong and more often than not, details are likely to get lost in translation.

Trainerlyzer was designed to optimize instruction and allow instructors to enhance their learning-based sessions and provide insight and perspective into an athlete’s game performance in near or real time. Many instructors and coaches have tried to replicate game like conditions in a practice setting but it is almost impossible to mirror an environment that exists during competition.

In-depth video analysis allows an athletes performance to be captured on video real time and forwarded to an instructor(s) of their choice for a full breakdown. EtrainX’s Trainerlyzer tool allows an athlete to upload raw footage and have their instructor edit and provide a voice analysis of their performance to identify mechanical breakdowns that are occurring in their games to better assist them in correcting flaws in technique that are not necessarily occurring in practice. Video Analysis is able to use technology to slow down the mechanics that the naked eye is not always able to identify.

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